Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life after an open studio

Strangely, things went easily last weekend, aside from endlessly running up and down the hill to the house and never really catching up on a week of lost sleep. For everyone that managed to be here for the event, thank you for your support and dedication. It's likely to happen again next year, although the dates are still being discussed. And once again I'm not painting very small paintings, but instead I just carved out a large study of an espresso cup. I'm learning all kinds of fun things about colored reflections, and tomorrow I start on the first of four consecutive weekends of outdoor exhibits, in Richmond, Virginia.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chester County Studio Tour

Of course I haven't been painting any very small paintings lately. Three days ago I finished a 60 by 84 inch painting of eleven apples, and right now I'm almost finished with another 60 by 84 inch painting, and there's no way I can call either of these even somewhat small-ish. In other news, I've been busy at work setting up for this upcoming weekend's Chester County Studio Tour, here at my studio, in connection with the studio of Jeff Schaller just over the hill in Downingtown. Visit the website to get more information on participating artists and maps to both locations. Everyone should stop by, see where I work, have a bite to eat, and enjoy a refreshing beverage.