Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Mortar and a Pestle

A Mortar and a Pestle, 5" by 7", oil on linen board, May 2008
Private collection, Scotch Plains, New Jersey

In my ongoing study of white on white, I tried my hand at a very challenging subject, a white porcelain mortar in a white porcelain pestle, against a white background.


Richard C. Harrington said...

The warm grey light reflected into the shadows is .....I'd say perfect, but then your head would get too large and you'd look like some weird art PEZ dispenser. So I choose.... exquisite.


David Oleski said...

Like a blindfolded man swinging at a pinata, sometimes I can hit it. Thank you, Richard. And actually, that might be a good look for me, skinny little body, huge ego-swollen head...