Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice

On this shortest and darkest day of the year, I realize I'm not keeping up. Too many dismal and dark days means the holiday promotion screeched to a halt, and as of right now, my entire website is offline due to some debilitating database error. I switched on the artificial daylight balanced lights, and decided to get started on a long overdue commission painting, and at almost midnight I'm finally done for the day, after a few hours of carving it out and laying it down under artificial lights. If the sky lightens at all tomorrow, I'll see this piece easily finished, and I may actually get things back up and running for a last ditch effort to complete the holiday promotion series. However, there is a remote chance that this will be remembered as the year I didn't finish it, and on December 25th, I will focus my sights on the brighter days ahead.

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