Monday, November 23, 2015

A Painting of a Raw Oyster

A few weeks ago I learned how to shuck oysters. Interesting that one of the more expensive things you can order in a restaurant takes as much skill to prepare as opening a can of paint. It reminds me of something artist Robert Jackson told me. At one of his openings, standing in front of a giant painting of balloon dogs, mention was made that he makes his own balloon dogs. One woman was surprised that he was so talented, and he wondered if being able to create a lifelike painting of balloon dogs didn't also count for talent. 

This was an interesting subject, with not enough shell visible to reveal the mother-of-pearl iridescence, but interesting assortment of textures from wet and shiny to polished shiny to the crusty outside surface of the shell.

Sold! Private collection, Richmond, Virginia

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