Monday, December 12, 2016

Three Blue Berries

I always hate myself just a little when I line up three blueberries and paint them as though they were any other subject that I'll paint as three in a row. That they work so well in this small format is no small comfort to me, as I feel that I'm guilty of taking a cheap shot at creating an instantly attractive little painting. There is always a little room to explore how blue fades to grey and violet and black in several different directions at once, but in a subject so small, the tiniest fleck of a color describes something that may or may not be the product of truly academic observation and execution. Aside from all this, the paintings are always lovely little gems, despite how they make my heart turn just one shade closer to black.

Three Blueberries
5 inches by 7 inches
Sold! Private collection, West Chester, Pennsylvania

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