Thursday, March 27, 2008

King Oscar Flat Anchovies

King Oscar Flat Anchovies,
5" by 7", oil on linen board, March 2008
Private collection, San Jose, California

And today I carved out a small study of a can of King Oscar Flat Anchovies, the secret ingredient in my mother's salad dressing. Oops, I probably shouldn't have mentioned that, I guess it's not really a secret any more, is it? Well, as long as everyone keeps this secret to themselves, it should be ok.

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Richard C. Harrington said...


The miner looked back at his mule. Ya know, last time we were lost out here in this dag-nab desert, all you could say was , water, water.

Uhhhh, yeah, said the mule, but since then I developed a taste for Mrs. Oleski's damn fine salad dressing.

Sheesh, said the miner, the answers the same. Patience little ass.

As he muttered along he said to himself, I think I heard something about that Harrington feller having some new horse stuff coming along soon. Might be time to trade in this dang mule. Who really likes anchovies anywho?

Just tryin' to misdirect the narrative. He, he. Feel free to NOT publish.