Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Lemon

A Lemon, 5" by 7", oil on linen board, March 2008
Private collection, Bristol, Tennessee

To continue my salad series, today I carved out a small study of a single lemon. If anyone is taking notes, you could be putting together the recipe for my mother's amazing salad dressing from this current series of paintings. Some ingredients and processes can't really be captured as still-lifes, so I might have to be creative for once.

Thanks to a heads-up from the inimatable Richard Harrington, the "fresh wet painting in your email inbox" is now working and fully functional. Thank you again, Richard. And for some tragic reason, there are pitifully few of his paintings on his Blogspot page, so for now you'll have to visit the Richard C. Harrington Website to see what amazing and brilliant work he does. Someday I want to be just like him, except taller.

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Richard C. Harrington said...

Hey DO,

First off, I love both the tomato and the lemon. Bright, crisp, and still nuanced.

As for the lack of new work on my blog - thanks for beatin' a boy when he's down. I'm pulling my hair out over some new things. Thinking I have a lot of time invested in some big canvases that aren't working. At all. And besides, this blogging thing is a fair amount of work too.

How's that for whining. When everybody was instilling in me the impossiblity of make a living as an artist, they neglected to point out that it was also hard to keep evolving and pushing the way your mind works.

Playing with some printmaking right now to give me a distraction from wallowing around in the frustrations of my painting.

Paint hard!